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New to Golf: SNAGsters (ages 5 - 7) - September

New to Golf: SNAGsters (Ages 5-7)

You are probably wondering a little bit about what goes into a golf program, for 5- & 6-year olds. Here is a little preview of what you’ll be seeing:

  • 2, 1 Hour Classes Per Week with PGA Golf Professional Dylan Green

  • Movement, and lots of it.

  • Oversized golf clubs hitting what appear to be tennis balls.

  • Non golf games

  • Time for creativity

  • Organized Mayhem

With this in mind, our main goals in the program are:

  • Learning about the course and how to care for it

  • Building athletic/fundamental movements

  • Create a love for golf and have an interest to explore it further (for some it may be right away, for some it might be down the line where they remember golf being cool)

  • Cost: $229 per Month (plus tax)


Cordova Bay COVID-19 Group Lesson Protocols


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Monday/Wednesday 4 - 5pm
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